How do you create a design package of a commercial tv football format in a completely new way?
We broke with frequently seen tv design principles lieke golden award sculptures, fast follow-ups, lens flares, strong colors – and created a completely opposite approach: The game as a battle between two teams – visualizid by the contrast of black and white. aesthetic silhouettes appear to be frozen before releasing their power.
Screened on europe´s biggest tv broadcaster RTL, its online platform RTL+ and NITRO, the design package for the UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE & UEFA EUROPA CONFERENCE LEAGUE show has set new standards.

Client: RTL

Agency: Elastique GmbH

Production: Karsten Kimmek

Customer advisory: Andreas Schimmelpfennig

Creative Direction: Sarah Jennen

Art Direction RTL / marketing RTL / creative control: Biggi Reuscher

Art Direction: Christoph Grosse Hovest

Animation 3D: Christoph Grosse Hovest

Design 2D: Frank Schmidt

Animation 2D: Jan Sickinger

Sound Design: Carlo Peters